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Being a digital-first world we now live in, it’s become non-negotiable that businesses exist in virtual spaces just as much as the physical. As functions of everyday society increasingly move their bases to an online orientation, staying offline simply means crippling your reach from an international market.

Our team at Website Guy have been first-hand witnesses to this whirlwind of online metamorphoses for over 30 years – we’re wise to the best practices across digital industries that are essential to staying discoverable, in the midst of adaptive technology, algorithm updates and assistant tools that accelerate every day.

To see how we can tailor our history of knowledge to suit you best, check out our core offerings below:

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Website Design

Having your content be accessible to the world or even your local market is a gateway to establishing the digital identity you need - but making sure that this access is ergonomic, user-friendly and well-structured is just as key, ensuring that users understand the content they’re engaging with in a facilitated, supported way.

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Website Development

The beginning of any digital presence starts from blueprinting your site during the web development stage. From start to scratch, we can help bring your product to life online - whether it’s a storefront for your products you want to sell, or portfolio of personal projects you want to give digital life, we’ve got the tools to give you the platform that will match you best.

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Free Consultation

Fill out the ‘Free Consultation‘ form below and we will give you a call for an initial chat about your Website Design and the best way to achieve what you want to achieve.



Once we’ve worked out what you’re after, we’ll be able to give you an exact, fixed, no hidden extras quote for price & time frame so you’re fully aware moving forward.



We’ll make a start on your website design as soon as you give us the ok & we’ll be hard at work making it all happen for you so that you’re thrilled with the end result.



After the website design is done, you may want a few changes here & there (which is completely fine!) & when you’re ready to go live, we’ll launch it on the internet for you.

To Suit All Your Needs

Website Integration

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Benefits of having a Website

Some of the benefits of a great website may not be immediately obvious..

Whilst having a great website may not the be all & end all of running a successful business, it’s certainly ‘expected’ in this day & age that any business worth their salt has a really good website. The back yard, fly by night operators do not bother going to the expense of having a website developed. So just as you may invest in uniforms, vehicle sign writing, business cards & other stationary etc etc, you need to invest in a great website to show just how legitimate, credible and long term your business is.

A lot of businesses thrive of ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising (Website Guy certainly does!) so you may believe having a website isn’t paramount. Well nothing could be further from the truth! The first thing most people will do after being recommended to your business is check you out online! If you don’t have any presence online, then it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t use you but it doesn’t leave a nice taste in their mouth that a business as great as yours wouldn’t have a great website!

If correctly laid out and designed, your website can inform and therefore qualify your potential customers. By letting them know all the answers to their ‘tyre kicking’ questions up front on your website, then when they do call you, they are more qualified and informed. That may be showing your pricing, your method of doing business, your lead time, etc etc.  Much easier to speak to them on the phone when they are better informed.

Your website should showcase your company and it’s products or services in the right light. The saying “you only get 1 chance to create a first impression” is very true here. You have a few seconds to send out that first impression and use the correct ‘Calls to action’ to try and encourage people to get in touch with you, whether that be a phone call or quick online message.

Your website is just that – another tool in your business toolbox. Like any other tools in any other trades toolbox, if it simply stays inside the toolbox and is not used, it’s not doing you any good!  Once you have a great website, you now have somewhere to direct ALL your marketing too. Whatever type of marketing you decided to do, in the real world or online, your message should be “go to the website, go to the website, go to the website” because your website is where the $$ are for you. It has your glossy images, full descriptions, maybe even the online shop etc and there is unlimited space to showcase all that!

The majority of website searches on the internet today is via mobile devices. So why not allow everyone who owns a mobile device to access your online presence. You know that your competitors are doing so!

These days, businesses have had to respond to the growing trend of more and more of the population being very much more internet savvy. This means that your website visitors are far more attuned to being able to not only send you a quick ‘Contact Us’ message, but now they are expecting to be able to ‘Book an appointment’ or pay a subscription for an online course, or purchase anything directly on your website, whether that be a product or even a service such as a consultation via Zoom or Skype etc.

If you do have Social Media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram etc. you can integrate a live feed from those accounts so that when you add any content to them, that automatically shows up on your website too. Also the same applies for a live feed from your Google reviews so that as you get new reviews, they  (the good ones) show up on your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years..

Of course that is going to depend on the kind of website that you’re after but generally speaking we normally quote anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks before we have it ready for you to inspect & give us feedback.
Yes we can do that for you too. There are a couple of things to bear in mind here though. We need to inspect what the site has been made with, how safe & secure it is, whether it’s fully responsive (mobile & tablet friendly), whether it gives the right first impression and whether it’s going to do the job you want it to. If not, we can certainly upgrade it all for you so it meets that criteria.
Short answer is YES, absolutely! We generally do not develop any websites that we don’t host on our dedicated servers . In the unlikely event that you wanted to move your website to another provider after the initial 12 months then you will be able to.
Simplistically, ‘hosting fees’ are like paying rent for your website to live on the internet. Your website is taking up space, resources, bandwidth, etc. There’s various levels of hosting out there and some better than others obviously. Our hosting includes a multitude of things from the technical updates to content changes that you send to us and quite simply that is where we ‘shine’!
Once you have let us know you’re ready to go, we’ll send you out the necessary paperwork. Once we have that from you, we can begin the consultation process. When we have any design requests you may or may not have & have all the information we need to get started, we’ll do our thing and have something for you to check out asap.

Google Reviews

For our time in the limelight, we’ve helped out on over 1,550 projects to date – take a look at our testimonials below, and know you can reach out with confidence!

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