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Website Client Case Studies

Here we have some typical case studies from clients that came to us with varying problems. In each scenario we were able to deliver and ensure our client was 100% happy.


Contempo Design Solutions

Mark & Ebbi from Contempo Design Solutions came to us with an awesome vision! They wanted a website that would WOW their potential clientele. This wasn’t going to be your standard website as we had to ensure that it ‘speaks’ to their widely ranged demographic.

Being Architects they certainly had a plan but also needed guidance. That’s where we came in!

Through multiple meetings, as well as examples and mindmaps we were able to fully understand exactly what they wanted and went to work. Within 4 weeks we had a site they absolutely loved – something they could really be proud of.

With a site like this there is a fine line between ‘modern’ and over the top.. Their new website sits somewhere perfectly in the middle.

A great result for an awesome team!


Coast Pool Supplies

Beth from Coast Pool Supplies contact us because like many people, they fell for the ‘DIY’ option. Their previous site had been built with Wix and whilst it didn’t look terrible, its ranking in Googles search results was non-existent.

After we designed Beth a brand new shiny website, we configured the E-Commerce functionality part of their site so that they could easily sell their products online, displayed in a professional and easy to use format.

On top of this, we’ve managed to get Beths site ranking on page 1 of Googles search results. What a turn around!

Beth was so happy with our work that she even brought over another one of her sites for a different side of the business.

Safe to say it was a pretty similar outcome with that site too!


The Filter Box Company

Katherine at The Filter Box Company came to us in a panic as her website was DOWN! First things first – we assisted in getting the site back up. Let’s just say it wasn’t great..

We completely re-designed the website bringing it up to today’s standards (and some) as well as including some really cool features to set them apart from their competition.

Their various products are organised in an online catalogue that enables their visitors to easily navigate and find what they’re looking for.

Much like our other clients, with works carried out they are seeing unreal results on Google – ranking on page one for multiple terms.


Milk & Honey Hair

Our relationship with Belle & Dani at Milk & Honey Hair was initially a personal one, but they have been clients of Website Guy for many years now.

They reached out recently letting us know that they wanted to branch out with the services they were offering, and needed a new website to accommodate that shift.

We’ve given them an elegant ‘less is more’ feel that truly represents the vibe they’re going for, whilst also giving them an E-Commerce platform to sell their range of hair care and homewares products.


Skyline Campers

Jordan and Liv at Skyline Campers came to us with a goal to take their business and website to the next level.

With issues of waiting prolonged periods of time for edits, updates and changes to their site from their previous developer, Skyline Campers can now rest assured their requests are carried out same day and without question.

Their business has been growing at an extremely rapid pace and they needed someone that could not only put together a site that portrayed the quality of their work but also enabled them to have a local developer in their corner that they could trust. Initially being quoted over $20,000 elsewhere, we were stoked to deliver something they absolutely love for a fraction of the cost.


NewCentral Kitchens

Aaron and Adam from NewCentral Kitchens decided to venture out and ‘do their own thing’. Fortunately they were aware of just how important setting up your website properly from the very beginning is to a new business.

We’ve been able to develop a site for them that showcases their wealth of knowledge and professionalism, acting as the perfect ‘catalogue’ of their vast capabilities when it comes to Custom Kitchens of all styles and Custom Wardobes too.

Case Studies like this really showcase how a start up business can show off their quality work and attention to detail.


Leader Hydraulics

Colleen from Leader Hydraulics contacted us after realising they were being charged a ridiculous monthly fee for an extremely outdated website and ongoing services that they just weren’t happy with.

Utilising their logo, content and colour scheme we developed them a new, responsive and modern website that will set them apart from their competition.

Leader Hydraulics are a perfect example of where customers get caught up paying hundreds of dollars a month for essentially nothing, just because ‘that’s what they’ve always paid’.

Safe to say Colleen is happy saving hundreds of dollars every month.


Precision Training Academy

Sonya and the team at Precision Training had only recently had a site done prior to contacting us. They essentially threw away thousands due to not doing their research, ending up with a mediocre website.

With a goal to use Google AdWords to generate more business and drive traffic to the site, it just wouldn’t have made sense to continue with what they previously had. We decided to develop a new site that ticked all of their ‘marketing’ boxes.

They are now seeing great results because of this.


Professional Choice Painting

Jeff and the Professional Choice Painting team are one of the best painting outfits the Central Coast has on offer. Their attention to detail being second to none and because of this, they needed a site that would do their work justice by ‘wowing’ potential clients when viewing their website.

Professional photography can potentially make or break your site. This site whilst having plenty of relevant content is also a great example of letting the imagery do the talking, as we’re all aware ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.


Coastal Aged Care

Coastal Aged & Disability Care is another example of a business just starting out that are aware of the importance of having it done right from the get go. With a rough idea of the type of thing they were after, we took the reigns on this one and came up with a site that perfectly targets their demographic.

The guys at CADC also required multiple custom forms throughout the site. It was important that with all of these fields the forms remained ‘responsive’ as over 60% of website visitors are on mobile devices these days. This wasn’t an issue at all and will make their lives so much easier!


Kahnivore Photography

Heather and her husband wanted a professional looking site that would showcase their quality landscape photography.

With an aim to once again let the imagery do the talking, we’ve gone with a ‘less is more’ approach that has clean & crisp lines, with plenty of white that allows the photography to really ‘pop’. 

This is also a platform for them to sell their work in a professional way, so we’ve given them an E-Commerce site that will enable easy, seamless purchases for their prospective customers.

These Case Studies show how diverse Website Development can be, no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

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