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Are you looking for Web Design Port Stephens at a reasonable price?

‘Website Guy’ is actually a team of award winning web developers located near you, who have been developing websites for over 20 years. (We’re as close as a keyboard click away!) Once you have us on your side, you have a full team of expert website consultants, website designers and website coders working for you, striving to achieve the best results for your business via your website.

So you either have an existing website (albeit old or not functioning at optimal levels) or you’re interested in getting a new website to boost your online enquiries from web designers ‘near me’. It’s no use having a basic ‘online leaflet’ – that’s not going to get the phone ringing!

What you need is a great looking, informative, responsive, easy to use website which encourages potential customers to either pick up the phone, fill out the form or even purchase your product!

Today’s online customers are viewing your website on their desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets and even on their wide screen tvs, so this checklist will help you in deciding what your website should be doing…


The Top 10 Things - Your Web Design Port Stephens should have...

Be Secure

Your website address should start with https://www… This means it will have the ‘green padlock’ symbol in browsers showing website visitors that it is a safe site. If you choose Website Guy as your Central Coast Website Designers, we’ll make sure you’re secure.

Have your own domain name

Nothing says ‘cheap & nasty’ more than having a website which has an address like ‘www.vistaprint.com/your-website-name’. Your website domain name should be your own domain name!

Show Your Branding

Make sure your website matches all your other company branding, with your logo, your colours, YOUR look & feel.

Have easy access contact info

Don’t make visitors have to search too hard to fine the ‘Contact‘ page or your phone number. Make it easy and phone number should be ‘clickable’ on a mobile device. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 52% of website views are from mobile devices so this is VITAL!

Have an easy to navigate menu system

Don’t let your website visitors get lost deep, deep into your site and not know how to get back to the ‘Home Page‘ or other pages. Keep the menu navigation permanently visible at all times.

Show website visitors what you do instantly

Good images should show what you do and what you’re about instantly. A picture speaks a thousand words and great imagery can make or break your site.

Show website visitors the benefits of using you

What’s in it for them? Show or tell them the benefits they will receive by using your services / products. If you choose Website Guy as your Central Coast Website Designers, we’ll make sure you’re on the right track.

Give website visitors a call to action

Tell your website visitors what you want them to do. Phone you, fill out a form, leave their number, buy your product, download a free pdf etc etc. Make sure your website designers include a call to action.

Tell website visitors what others think of you

We all prefer to go into a cafe or restaurant that has plenty of people rather than being empty. Testimonials set that mood.

Encourage website visitors to share your website everywhere

Having your website visitors ‘Share, like, tweet, recommend etc.’ your website amongst all their friends is free advertising and a marketing no brainer.

If you choose Website Guy for your Web Design Port Stephens, we will ensure that it has all of those things and of course much more!

Benefits of having a Website

Some of the benefits of a great website may not be immediately obvious..

Whilst having a great website may not the be all & end all of running a successful business, it’s certainly ‘expected’ in this day & age that any business worth their salt has a really good website. The back yard, fly by night operators do not bother going to the expense of having a website developed. So just as you may invest in uniforms, vehicle sign writing, business cards & other stationary etc etc, you need to invest in a great website to show just how legitimate, credible and long term your business is.

A lot of businesses thrive of ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising (Website Guy certainly does!) so you may believe having a website isn’t paramount. Well nothing could be further from the truth! The first thing most people will do after being recommended to your business is check you out online! If you don’t have any presence online, then it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t use you but it doesn’t leave a nice taste in their mouth that a business as great as yours wouldn’t have a great website!

If correctly laid out and designed, your website can inform and therefore qualify your potential customers. By letting them know all the answers to their ‘tyre kicking’ questions up front on your website, then when they do call you, they are more qualified and informed. That may be showing your pricing, your method of doing business, your lead time, etc etc.  Much easier to speak to them on the phone when they are better informed.

Your website should showcase your company and it’s products or services in the right light. The saying “you only get 1 chance to create a first impression” is very true here. You have a few seconds to send out that first impression and use the correct ‘Calls to action’ to try and encourage people to get in touch with you, whether that be a phone call or quick online message.

Your website is just that – another tool in your business toolbox. Like any other tools in any other trades toolbox, if it simply stays inside the toolbox and is not used, it’s not doing you any good!  Once you have a great website, you now have somewhere to direct ALL your marketing too. Whatever type of marketing you decided to do, in the real world or online, your message should be “go to the website, go to the website, go to the website” because your website is where the $$ are for you. It has your glossy images, full descriptions, maybe even the online shop etc and there is unlimited space to showcase all that!

The majority of website searches on the internet today is via mobile devices. So why not allow everyone who owns a mobile device to access your online presence. You know that your competitors are doing so!

These days, businesses have had to respond to the growing trend of more and more of the population being very much more internet savvy. This means that your website visitors are far more attuned to being able to not only send you a quick ‘Contact Us’ message, but now they are expecting to be able to ‘Book an appointment’ or pay a subscription for an online course, or purchase anything directly on your website, whether that be a product or even a service such as a consultation via Zoom or Skype etc.

If you do have Social Media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram etc. you can integrate a live feed from those accounts so that when you add any content to them, that automatically shows up on your website too. Also the same applies for a live feed from your Google reviews so that as you get new reviews, they  (the good ones) show up on your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years..

Of course that is going to depend on the kind of website that you’re after but generally speaking we normally quote anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks before we have it ready for you to inspect & give us feedback.
Yes we can do that for you too. There are a couple of things to bear in mind here though. We need to inspect what the site has been made with, how safe & secure it is, whether it’s fully responsive (mobile & tablet friendly), whether it gives the right first impression and whether it’s going to do the job you want it to. If not, we can certainly upgrade it all for you so it meets that criteria.
Short answer is YES, absolutely! We generally do not develop any websites that we don’t host on our dedicated servers . In the unlikely event that you wanted to move your website to another provider after the initial 12 months then you will be able to.
Simplistically, ‘hosting fees’ are like paying rent for your website to live on the internet. Your website is taking up space, resources, bandwidth, etc. There’s various levels of hosting out there and some better than others obviously. Our hosting includes a multitude of things from the technical updates to content changes that you send to us and quite simply that is where we ‘shine’!
Once you have let us know you’re ready to go, we’ll send you out the necessary paperwork. Once we have that from you, we can begin the consultation process. When we have any design requests you may or may not have & have all the information we need to get started, we’ll do our thing and have something for you to check out asap.

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Extra Hints & Tips

These days there are plenty of people who call themselves ‘Website Designers’. Back in the old days when we began developing websites (we started in 1998 when dinasours still roamed the internet!) there were not many who had the skills to be able to create a great website and get it online in good time and also get it found in Google.

Fortunately, as time has moved on and the software available has improved dramatically, it has enabled us to provide better websites in a quicker time frame and therefore, charge less for the process so it’s a win win for everyone.

Unfortunately there can always be a downside to this progress and with the advent of more and more ‘do it yourself’ website builders out there on the internet. More and more people get drawn into believing that they could indeed ‘do it themselves’ – only to find out that after months of angst and pulling their hair out and still ending up with a website that looks like it was put together with UHU Glue by a 6 year old. That of course is false economy and no money was actually saved at all. And some people still persist using those very bad websites that they made themselves just because they made it themselves and put so much time and energy into it. They then wonder why their website is not being found in Google, or even if it is being found, it’s not making their phone ring! Little do they know that whoever is actually finding their site is probably clicking out of it as soon as they see it because it stinks of ‘back yard job’ with no credibility or professionalism! And in the mean time, their competitors are using a professional website developer and getting all the business!

When you have a professional website developed by us here at Website Guy, you will get a product that oozes professionalism and gives the right first impression from the start. It will also encourage your website visitors to actually contact you or purchase your product or service so it should pay for itself in no time.

Of course, these days, the term ‘responsive websites’ has come into play. What does this mean? Basically, your website should ‘respond’ to the device that it is being looked at on. So if someone is looking at and navigating through your website on a desktop computer (with various sizes of screens and screen resolutions) your website will look and behave a certain way. If they are looking at your website on a laptop, then it may look & behave differently. Similarly with a tablet or mobile phone, your website should ‘morph’ iself to look and behave well on those devices too.

Why is this so important? Well it’s not just about giving the end user of your website a better experience, it’s also about showing Google that your website is giving users a better experience too! Google now ranks all websites based on their mobile friendlyness. So if your website design looks great on a desktop but not so good on a mobile, you’re missing out in Google’s eyes and Google will bear this in mind when it is ranking your website.

All the websites developed by us here at Website Guy are fully responsive and definitely tick those Google boxes as well as giving your website visitors the best experience no matter what device they’re using!

Website ‘page speed loading’ is another thing that has become very important of late. For similar reasons to the ‘responsiveness’ of a website, the page speed loading is not just about having your website load quickly for the benefit of the website visitor, but also to show Google that your website is efficient when loading so that it knows you’re giving the end user the best experience.

This is a double edge sword however, because some of the nice effects that websites need to have to make it a really pleasurable experience, such as ‘drop down Q & A sections / slide show on homepage / effects on hover / video / etc etc are the things that can slow down your page load speeds dramatically. So it’s a fine line between pleasing Google’s automated ‘bots’ (who score & rank your website) and pleasing the humans who are going to be spending money with you for your products and services! Here at Website Guy, we know the right balance to strike because we’ve been doing it for so long and have many years experience doing just this!

One of the things that will determine website speed is the ‘website platform’ that the website is built with. Just like building a house that can be built with timber frame, steel frame, double brick, concrete, etc, a website can be built with many different types of framework such as ‘HTML, PHP, Java, Python, etc’. Seeing as we’re all about giving the end user the best experience and also pleasing Google, we want to be using a platform that ticks all those boxes. It is for that reason that you should be sticking with a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or Joomla for instance.

Why these 2 platforms? Well quite simply they are the most widely used CMS platforms used in the world today. Therefore, there is an enormous global community of coders out there who are continually keeping the platform up to date, improving security, creating new and cool features for these platforms as well as a massive amount of coding companies around the world who are creating new plugins, modules and components that work seamlessly with these 2 CMS platforms. There are other CMS platforms sure, hundreds of them, but just like the ‘do it yourself’ website, once you have one of these, you are tied to that website provider for life because no other coder or website developer will or can work with it so you’re at the mercy of the original website provider. It’s just not a good business proposition at all really.

Rest assured that here at Website Guy, we specialise in WordPress and Joomla CMS platforms so that your website ticks all the boxes it needs to from a customer experience and Googles point of view.

These days, businesses have had to respond to the growing trend of more and more of the population being very much more ‘internet savvy’. This means that your website visitors are far more attuned to being able to not only send you a quick ‘Contact Us’ message, but now they are expecting to be able to ‘Book an appointment’ or ‘pay a subscription’ for an online course, or purchase anything directly on your website, whether that be a product or even a service such as a consultation via Zoom or Skype etc.

Over the years, as this technology has become available, Website Guy has been at the forefront of implimenting this kind of thing into our client’s websites. We’ve made a practice of keeping our finger on the pulse of the internet and offering these ground breaking services as they become available.

Of course, these demands & expectations from your website visitors extend to being carried out on a mobile device. The majority of internet searches these day is performed on a mobile device so you need to make sure that even if you do have a website, it’s not something that you had made many years ago when the internet was a very different place with users who had a very different mindset. At the very least, your website needs to be mobile friendly and as a bare bones basic, have the ability to allow your website users to simply click on the phone number and have their phone automatically dial your number. The amount of non mobile friendly websites out there is quite astonishing and those businesses who keep up with modern trends & progress will undoubtably be the businesses who thrive in the future as the internet and website development progresses & improves even further in rapid time!

Wrapping Up..

Why Website Guy?

So, why choose Website Guy for your new website over all the other website designers that have appeared online? Well, there are lots of good reasons but put simply, you really don’t want to be dealing with a business that is ‘faceless’ or overseas or automated etc. You want to be able to pick up the phone or even pop into our office for a good old sit down chat face to face & discuss your needs in more detail.

Also, because we’re talking about technology here, things change rapidly online and you need someone in your corner who really is keeping up with those changes and advising you accordingly about how to get the most out of your online presence.

Your website is also never set in concrete and as you have new services or new images or new testimonials or new newsworthy items, all you need to do is to email those to us and we’ll do the rest at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We have very loyal clients and it’s because of our excellent after sales care & service that is second to none that they stay with us. We know they all get bombarded with ‘to good to be true’ offers online or from overseas but our clients stick with us, and some of them have already fallen for those ‘too good to be true offers and came to us because they were ripped off.

So they’re now very happy with the fact that they have one of the best website developers in their corner looking after them and their websites.

Feel free to contact any of Website Guy’s clients to ask them personally what they think of our level of service, or check out our Google Reviews to see what they’re saying about us.

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