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A brief history of Central Coast website design by Website Guy

Web design has come a long way since the 1990’s, where the understanding of dynamic relationships between your site’s front and back-end were still primitive. Although front-end languages like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) existed at the time as a markup companion to the essential HTML syntax, application and style were both still far from the zeitgeist of minimalism we’ve seen dominate the landscape of our 2000’s.

A lot of this is to blame for the ‘about me’ pages seen during the early 2000’s, with pixelated flames wrapping around a size 40 font name, plastered at the top of the site. The 2010’s, though, have since seen an evolution in the way webmasters want their site to exist in the world wide web. As digitally native businesses grew in legitimacy and population, so too has the recognition to impress well-considered brand presence in digital spaces – doing away with the cluttered GIFs and tacky background colours that came companion to amateur design, and opting for a visual language with an onus on sophistication.

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Open source CMS platforms the likes of Squarespace and Wordpress have been the modern answers to this fundamental shift – commercialising smooth design in a way that has made its implementation as plain as white bread.

Website Guy offers its own inroad to this saturation of web design with our central coast website design services- ensuring that your site stands out from the pack.

Smooth integration of content flow, media variety, and element choices that ensure palatable visual language – without ignoring best practices key to Google’s crawlability – are spoken for, without considering custom design features relevant to your specific product needs.

Is your site ready for a design overhaul? Contact us today for a consultation and quote, and look the part as a digitally savvy business today!

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For our time in the limelight, we’ve helped out on over 1,550 projects to date – take a look at our testimonials below, and know you can reach out with confidence!
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