Website maintenance is crucial to managing your brand’s online presence

Should I update my own website or allow my web developer to do it?

Having a professional that handles web design like Website Guy to update the content on your website offers numerous advantages that extend well beyond aesthetic appeal. While DIY website building platforms do exist & the websites developed by Website Guy enable self editing using WordPress, skilled website designers offer additional benefits by improving online visibility, increasing functionality and contributing to overall digital success. Here are five reasons why using an expert web designer might be more prudent than trying to do things for yourself:

Cost of your website developer updating your website.

All clients of Website Guy have the advantage of having free website updates when they are needed. By sending an email to Website Guy with your new / updated content, you will have the task done for you in a professional and timely manner without having to pull your hair out trying to do it yourself. It will always look so much better also due to the fact that the team at Website Guy are professionals at Website Design.

DIY website vs a professional web developer:

Professionalism and Credibility:

Web designers possess an in-depth knowledge of user experience (UX). By developing intuitive navigation systems that enable visitors to easily locate information they’re seeking on websites, or just the ‘contact us‘ forms, these designers create optimal experiences which lead to increased satisfaction among site users, longer time spent visiting and higher chances of conversions.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Given the widespread adoption of mobile devices, having a website designed specifically to adapt seamlessly across screen sizes is vitally important in reaching and engaging with a diverse audience. Designers specialise in crafting websites with user experience at its forefront making sure the website is mobile friendly – this makes designing for responsiveness an essential skill!

Technical Expertise:

Updating a website involves many technical components like coding, scripting and database administration – tasks best handled by professionals with extensive expertise in these areas. Their updates will not only look good but will function optimally too!

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Customisation and Uniqueness:

DIY website builders often rely on cheap & nasty templates, which may end up producing generic-looking websites. A website designer is better-equipped at customising designs to reflect your brand identity – creating something truly distinctive in today’s highly-competitive online space. This type of individualisation and differentiation makes a lasting impression with visitors!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Website design and SEO work together seamlessly. Central Coast Web Designers like Website Guy understand its principles, implementing strategies to increase website’s search engine results visibility such as optimizing site structure, page load times and adding SEO-friendly design elements into designs. As a business owner, your time is invaluable. Hiring a website designer allows you to focus on core business activities while leaving technical aspects such as website updates to a professional – leading to more efficient use of resources and expertise for both parties involved.


Web designers like Website Guy remain up-to-date with current design trends, technologies, and best practices – by trusting your updates to a professional webmaster you will leverage their expertise and ensure that your website stays competitive long term.

Though DIY website building platforms may appear appealing, professional website designers offer far greater value beyond superficial aesthetics. Their expertise ensures your online presence is optimised to succeed in today’s ever-evolving digital environment.

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